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I have known Diane for over 15 years and I have used her services for the same number of years and have found that she goes beyond the issues or queries and goes that extra mile to reach a satisfactory result. She will question every aspect to achieve the full picture.

Her knowledge of the industry is beyond reproach and due to her wealth of experience in her field, over the years, she has quite clearly gained the ability to know exactly what she is talking about and deals with them in the most appropriate and efficient manner. She can see an opportunity arising and acts very quickly.

Diane certainly seems to have that creative thinking edge. She has been known to be given a brief and then creates something totally different which far exceeds expectations.

Diane has a great ability to listen at length to the ideas of others and incorporates where possible to reach a conclusion.

Diane also shows a very energetic side, keen to explore new ideas. From what I have experienced over the years, she is highly respected by her clients, in particular myself.

She comes across as very self-assured, she shows optimism and pragmatism in the face of problems or anything that gets in her way and deals with it in the most efficient manner. I have never found any reason to criticise her due to her knowledge and how she handles situations.

I am sure that Diane has an accurate balanced view of her strengths and weaknesses, her strengths certainly shine through however I have not come across any weaknesses as yet! She always shows a positive attitude to whatever task she is asked to perform and submits excellent results [and] she will go that extra mile to achieve that little bit more success factor.

She has a very nice manner and is extremely professional, friendly and very approachable, and from experience she is a very fair and honest individual and very trustworthy and I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her services.

June Ghilene
Events Organiser & Branch Secretary

Caravan (National Grocers' Benevolent Fund)

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